Existical Games based in Riga, Latvia was established by Andrius Valkiunas an independent game developer and who had the passion of creating computer games since the school age. My aim is to develop my skills in creating interesting and challenging games for people of various age and social groups.

My skills are strong in the following fields, but not limited to: GML programming, PHP, Javascript, Html, Css, Adobe Illustrtator & Photoshop and also their open-source alternatives Inkscape and Gimp, Blender, Adobe Audition, etc.


I create games for desktop and mobile platforms which include Android, Windows, Linux, etc.

Challenge Driven

When creating new games I take a challenge-driven approach to innovation, rather than open-ended idea collection.

Results Oriented

My goal is to create games which will be bugs free, interesting to play by wide audiences and will have attractive design and simple and intuitive interface.